Thursday, March 13, 2014

Days 61 and 62 -At sea

Wednesday, March 12

My schedule was thrown off today thanks to the laundry.  There was another 20 items for $40 special.  The laundry bag needed to be picked up by 10 am so I got up at 8:15, watched the morning show and was out of the stateroom a little after 8:30 so Shirley, my stewardess, could get my laundry.  Picked up some pineapple juice in the Lido and then sat and read in the World Voyage section of the Garden Lounge.

It was a very cloudy, windy, rainy day.  Some of the sea spray came up to my deck seven balcony.  It was so rough the pools were covered.

At 10:00 I went back to my stateroom and the laundry had been picked up.  Time for a nap!  Slept until noon and went to lunch around 12:30.  I finished my Ann Granger book and went to the library to get the second in the series.  Unfortunately, someone had checked it out so I tried another of her series.  This one is set in the 1860s with Inspector Ben Ross of Scotland Yard as the main character.

Then it was time for Needlework/Knitting group with about 10 in attendance.  Janice, the Social Hostess, was not present because there was a wedding on board this afternoon.  (I saw the wedding party and guests later getting pictures taken on the staircase.)

Went to 4:15 trivia.  I would have had twelve correct but he would not accept "mileage" as the answer to "What does an odometer measure?" (He wanted distance travelled).

Normally it would then have been tea time but there was an internet "happy hour" - two minutes for the price of one - between five and six so I came back to my stateroom to check out the internet and get my email.

Eight for dinner tonight.  Our Hilda is still not feeling well and has been absent from dinner a number of nights.

The show was called "Forever Everley" an Australian duo who play the Everly Brothers songs.  They were very good - sounded just like Phil and Don.  I sat with John and Gloria (two of my CC friends) who I had not seen in a couple of weeks.  Gloria had climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and really enjoyed it.

Thursday, March 13

Ahhh!  Back to my normal routine!  Awoke around 10 and watched the morning show.

Turned in my reservations for excursions in Japan.  I have been going back and forth about what to do.  I knew I wanted to visit the Peace Park in Nagasaki and had purchased that one back in September.  I still needed something for Kagoshima, Kobe, and Osaka.  Since I have been to Kyoto and Tokyo before, I didn't want to spend hours on a coach seeing them again.  I finally (about 1:30 this morning) decided what I wanted to do.  Now I will wait and see if there is still space available.

Cunard is making a booklet with the names of everyone doing the World Voyage.  So, my next stop was the World Voyage Concierge, Rachel.  I had a conversation with her the first week of the trip and she still knows my name.  That's really impressive to me as I am rotten remembering names.­čśö

Sat out on deck for a few minutes but it was still hot and the glare on my book made it difficult to read.  Read for a bit in the Lido before I was ready for lunch.  Then back to my stateroom to find my laundry back so I put it all away.

In passing the casino, I noticed my favorite slot machine was vacant so I decided to give it a go.  I won $10.12 which might be my best win yet!

We had about 15 at Needlework/Knitting group.  Two of the ladies found they had lived a block away from each other in 1986.  It really is a small world!

4:15 found me at trivia.  Not a very good day with only eight out of 21.

Then for afternoon tea.  It was the perfect afternoon for sitting on the balcony.  The sea had calmed down from yesterday and there was only a slight breeze.

I was invited to eat at a hosted table tonight with the Safety Officer, Matthew Nicholls and the head nurse, Loretta.  I was really dreading it because I am no good making chit chat with total strangers.  It was not as bad as I anticipated because I was between two gentlemen who were very outgoing.  Still, it will be nice to go back to my regular table and friends tomorrow.

Tonight was the Elizabethan Ball and a formal night.  Stopped and watched the dancing for a bit after dinner and chatted with Maggie who was dressed as Queen Elizabeth I.

It had started raining at some point so I could not sit on the balcony before bed.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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  1. I am reading your blog and always waiting with great anticipation for the next entry. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. Take care and enjoy. Xo