Saturday, March 8, 2014

Days 56 and 57 - At sea

Friday - March 7

After going to bed at 2 am (I was playing with my new astronomy app and trying to figure out what I was seeing in the sky), I had no motivation to get out of bed.  Awoke about 9:15 to check if there was anything to see.  We were stopped at Yorkey's Knob for the Australian officials to complete their customs and immigration paperwork.  It was cloudy, hot, and I could not see anything from the balcony so I went back to bed.  I would sleep for about a half an hour, wake up, look at the clock, decide I still had no motivation to get up and repeat.  Finally dragged myself out of bed at 10:50.

After watching the morning show and getting dressed, I took my form (immigration for PNG) and card down to the Purser's Office.  Got a new key card and went to the Lido for lunch.  Ordered an orange juice with my card and when the server came back with it, she said it would not scan, so after eating it was back to deck one and the Purser's Office.

Had to test out my second new card of the day so off to the casino.  One of my favorite machines was vacant so I pocketed a hefty win of $2.39 (obviously I will not need Gamblers Anonymous when I get home) and then decided to read at the midship bar on deck three.  Right before two it gets very noisy because people are playing cards (Whist, I think) around the grand staircase (won't all fit in the card room) so I relocated to Cafe Corinthia on deck two where we have Needlework/Knitting group.

After Needlework/Knitting group I went to trivia in the pub.  Really bad day with only 4 correct answers.

The weather has turned worse, with rain, some fog, and rough seas.  Word has it that a cyclone may be heading for Airlie Beach where we were yesterday.

After returning to my stateroom I was trying to watch the port presentation on Kagoshima, Japan but could not keep my eyes open.  I had a long, drawn-out dream where Gavin, the port presenter, was on the radio and I kept asking people to turn it off.  I finally woke up (an hour and quarter after falling asleep) and turned off the TV.

Tonight was a formal night and once again there were only five for dinner (two of our regulars have bad colds).  We have a new Australian couple that are going from Sydney to Hong Kong.  They had been at another table where nobody ever showed up so they asked to be at a different table where they would have people with whom to talk.

The show tonight was a short presentation with the Royal Cunard singers and dancers and then another performance by Danny Elliott, the Australian that sings, dances and plays many different instruments (eight tonight).

No balcony sitting tonight as it is still raining and blowing onto the balcony.  I need to go to bed  early anyway as I have my pedicure appointment first thing in the morning.

Saturday, March 8

Got up around 9 and we were traveling slowly through many small islands of Papua New Guinea.  Lots of tiny fishing boats in the water (which is much smoother than last night).

Had my pedicure at 10.  It wasn't my best pedicure nor my worst but certainly the most expensive.

Next I went to exchange my tour ticket.  I had checked the wrong one (both the same price).  No problem because I think many people are not going to even get off in Rabaul.  It is on an island where the volcano frequently erupts obliterating parts of the island.

Lunch in the Lido and then sat on my balcony because it had started drizzling.  The afternoon got rainier and foggier as the afternoon progressed.

Stopped in the library to check out a book and went to Needlework/Knitting group early and finished the Bill Bryson book (which I had been reading since he was on board) before the group started.

Tried to go to 4:15 trivia but every seat in the pub was taken so I went to the Lido and had a scone instead and started on my new book.

I needed to do a load of wash so I went in about 5:10 and two washers and two dryers were empty!  Started my wash going and then came back to work on this blog.  Clothes went into the dryer at about 5:45 (there were still two empty dryers) and all were dry by 6:45.

Tried the 7:45 trivia and was able to get a seat.  I got 10 out of 20 correct.

We had nine present for dinner (Lynn is still sick).  The show tonight was a variety show with a juggler and a swing singer.  Decided to give it a pass.  Came back to go out on the balcony and all the furniture had been moved around and I had to push them out of the way to get out.  Then I noticed that the divider with the next balcony was swinging freely.  Called the Purser's Office and they sent a young man who checked it and found the lock was broken.  He tied it up and said someone would fix it tomorrow (hopefully not too early in the morningšŸ˜“).

One man fishing boats

A small settlement on a tiny island

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