Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 52  - At sea

Slept until 10 and the watched the morning show.  It is a beautiful day and the coast of Australia is just visible on the port side horizon.

First off, I went to the spa to make my appointments for my hair cut (on the 5th) and pedicure (on the eighth).  Then I purchased the soda card for this segment.  Not a lot of soda choices (Pepsi, diet Pepsi, English lemonade [which they think tastes like Sprite - I think it tastes like diet Sprite with a yucky aftertaste] and tonic water) but there are a number of juice choices including a really good orange juice (nothing like the orange water served in the lido labelled "orange juice") as well as others.  This soda card might make me healthy with all the juice! 😉  Next it was time to go to our next Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.  We had close to 25 show up - many were CC members who had not joined our roll call but it was good to meet some new arrivals.

Rumour had it that 900-1000 Japanese were joining the cruise.  I don't think it is near that amount but there are quite a few (my new next door neighbors for example).  The Lido buffet had an "Asian" section and the Chef's Corner had sushi.  I also saw two groups being given a guided tour of the ship by a Japanese guide (in kimono)

After a late lunch, I went by my stateroom and picked up my new yarn for Needlework/Knitting group.  Everyone liked it and I finished the first four rows.

When the meeting broke up (we are losing two members in Brisbane tomorrow), I went to the Commodore club to enjoy the view.  While I was there an announcements was made (they don't happen frequently) that some people had been told that tonight was a formal night (because the Australian Ball is tonight and most ball nights are formal).  So tonight is a "formal optional" night.

There was a 7:45 early trivia in the Golden Lion Pub.  Two of my CC friends came in and we played, not very successfully.  Luckily, they play for fun unlike the team I was on last time.

We are down to eight at the dinner table now (much more manageable than eleven) but there are a few people getting on in Brisbane so our numbers might change.

The show tonight was "The Leading Men" composed of four men who all who have been leading men in Australian musical theatre.  They were quite good.  Hilda, Jim, and I went.

At about 1am our time the QV and QE passed silently in the night.

We set our clocks back another hour for Brisbane.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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