Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 68 - Kobe, Japan

Wednesday, March 20

Missed another excursion today.  I woke up at 9:00 and took my first nap at 9:30.  I have no energy whatsoever.  Finally I got dressed around 10:30 and headed to the Laundrette.  Met Gloria in there.  She was using a dryer and all three washers were empty so I threw in my load.

Up to the Lido for my rice and rolls diet.  Came back and put my clothes in the dryer and took a nap.  Got up and the buzzer on the dryer was just going off when I returned.

Read for awhile and then another nap.  (I have stopped taking the codeine cough syrup because I think it is contributing to my sleepiness and it really didn't seem to help much with the cough.). This snooze was on my balcony.  The sun was shining and it was about 60F/15C.

Went to 4:15 trivia.  Most people were still off the ship so only about ten were competing.  I got 16 out of 21 correct.  (Easiest trivia questions ever.)

Guess what I did next?  A gold star if you said "napped"!

Back to the Lido for my usual.  I did try a small piece of chicken but it was very dry and too much seasoning.  Talked with Maggie and told her I was going back to the doctor tomorrow if not much better.

Sail-away was not until 11:59 so time for another nap.  (Most of my naps are sitting up on the sofa with my head back).  When I woke up I realized my ear did not hurt and my throat felt a little better.  At about 11:30 we left the dock (early).  There were lots of people waving us good-bye but not as many as two days ago.

I could not get to sleep in any of my usual positions in bed so after about 45 minutes I gave up and dragged the duvet over to the sofa and slept sitting up.

Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. Oh Kathi, I was hoping you would be feeling a lot better now. I have been home for two days now and the weather has been quite nice with the sun out and the daffodils. Getting colder tomorrow. Still wish I was on the ship with you all.

  2. Kathi,
    I have enjoyed following your blog. My mother, Glenda is on the cruise. She got on in Florida and will continue through to Southampton. She attends the knitting/needlework group also, so when you see Glenda, tell her that her daughter Anna misses her and loves her.
    I hope you all have a great time as you continue on to Korea and China.
    And get well soon!!

  3. Oh man!!? :( I hate hate hate this for you! Wish I could be sick for you, sending healthy thoughts. Xoxo