Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 54 - At sea

Wednesday, March 5

I awoke just about 8:50 before the alarm went off.  Watched the morning show and then went for my haircut.  I did get a good hair cut but with two caveats.  One, the entire time she was cutting she was trying to sell products and services even suggesting some kind of a color to bring out the white in my white hair (did not understand that at all).  Second, I ended up with one of those dos where you look like you just rolled out of bed and your hair is going in every direction possible.  I left it all day to see if it would grow on me but before dinner I brushed it back into its usual style.

Read some before having lunch at 12:30 and then worked on finishing up yesterdays's blog.  the internet was not being co-operative so I went back to reading.

Then back to my stateroom to pick up my knitting for Needlework/Knitting group.  According to one of the ladies there, we picked up 380 people in Brisbane.

Went to 4:15 trivia and played against myself.  I got 10 answers (out of 20) correct which is better than the last two times I played with a team.

Instead of afternoon tea I had the soft serve ice cream from the Lido.

Tonight was a formal night.  Many of the Japanese ladies on board were dressed in beautiful kimonos.

We once again only had five at dinner.  After dinner I watched the dancing for a while and then tried to lose some money on the penny slots but the machines would not read my key card (I have had issues with it before).  It took about six tries before my door would open.

It was a gorgeous night for sitting on the balcony.  Temperature in the 70s and a clear sky with huge, bright stars everywhere.  (Sorry, snowbound people!)

Tomorrow is Airlie Beach.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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