Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 76 - At sea

Thursday, March 27

Slept well and woke around 6 am and switched to the sofa.  Awoke at 9 to a sunny day with calm seas.  Decided to sit out by the pool.

Watched the morning show as I got ready and was out by the Lido pool by 10:00.  While I was getting ready some clouds came in.  By 10:45 it was rather overcast.  I decided to read one more chapter in my book before going in.  By the time I finished the sun was out and the sky was a bright blue.  It got hot quickly even though it was only supposed to be about 72F/22C.  I did some swimming and had the pool to myself most of the time.

Came in about 12:15 and went to lunch about 1:15.  It turned very hazy again - I am not sure if it is weather related or the typical Chinese smog.

Sat in the World Voyage section of the Garden Lounge for awhile before going to Needlework/Knitting group.   We had about ten present.  One of the ladies brought her knitted dolls and animals that she is donating to the "Country Fayre" that will be held the last segment.  The detailed work was amazing.  We had to say goodbye to a few who are leaving in Hong Kong.

Then it was time for 4:15 trivia.  I've been asked how the trivia works.  You can play by yourself or in groups of no more than six.  There are usually twenty questions but sometimes multiple answers will increase that (for example, one question recently was to name the states that meet at the four corners - it was one point for each correct one).  The winning team gets a stamp in a prize booklet that is redeemed at the end of your cruise.  I don't know what exactly the prizes are.  Today's trivia was hard and I only had 8 out of 20.  Do you know the British inventor of the World Wide Web or the original name of a Snickers bar?

Time for an ice cream before a brief nap on the balcony.

The show tonight was a variety show with two performers I missed when I was sick - Pingxin Xu, a dulcimer player and Rebecca Nelson, a singer.  They were both very good.

Nine of us for dinner tonight.  Early night so I can be up to watch the sail in to Hong Kong.

Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. Tim Berners Lee invented the WWW and took a part in the opening ceremony of the London Olympics celebrating his invention. Snickers were known as Marathon in the UK, until bought out by the American company, so I'm guessing that might be their original name - the questions are quite geared towards us Brits by the sounds!

  2. Enjoy Hong Kong Kathie. I used to love going there in my flying days. I look forward to your report on it. You are convincing me that I am going to have to do the second half of the world cruise next year!!