Thursday, May 22, 2014

London to home

May 21

Although I went to bed at 11:15, I could not get to sleep.  Got up around 12:00 and played games on the computer for awhile.  Got back in bed and could not get comfortable.  At 12:40 I propped the pillows against the wall behind the bed and slept sitting up until a little after 3.  From then on I woke up every 10-15 minutes to look at the time.  Gave up and got dressed before 5:00.

At 5:40 Gary started taking the suitcases down.  Luckily the lift was still working.  At about 5:45 the driver from Smiths for Airports arrived.  The bags were quickly stowed and we were off to the airport.  Traffic was light and we made it in a little over a half an hour. 

Carolyn and Gary were able to check in at the kiosk but for some reason I had to go to the assistance desk.  I actually was finished long before Carolyn and Gary because the bag check-in line they were in was really slow.

Then I had to find the Customs desk to have my VAT form stamped and then to the post box to send it.   From there we had to go down to catch the train to the B concourse.  Then to our gate which of course, was the last one.

The plane (a 747) was fairly full and lucky me got next to a six month old baby!  He only cried for about half the flight but he wasn't wailing and he had a really cute toothless grin.

I was able to doze for awhile and I hope I did not snore.  I was the first row in Premium Economy and there was no place to put my book or iPad down to get it out of the way.  On the plus side, there was plenty of leg room.

We landed on time (12:45) but by the time we got into the airport, had our six pieces of luggage appear on the carousel, Gary got the car and it was loaded, it was about 2:20.  Traffic was bad on I-95 so we didn't get to my house until 4:30.  Now I have four large cases to unpack - my goal is to get them all unpacked by July (can you guess I don't like unpacking).

The three blue cases in the back are mine as well as the large black one on the seat and the small blue one you can't see.

I can't believe this amazing adventure has come to an end (even if I do still feel the ship rocking from time to time).  I have been to some incredible places and met wonderful people. 

I want to thank you all for following along through the goods days and the not so good (sick) days.  I really enjoyed working on the blog. Thanks to all who have left comments - I did read them all even if I did not have the chance to respond.

I hope to be able to do another World Voyage in a few years, so for now, smooth sailing until next time! 


  1. Thanks so much for taking us on your wonderful voyage around the world! I looked forward to your posts and felt like it went so fast!!!

  2. It's been wonderful to read! Thanks!

  3. Kathi, congratulations on your incredible journey. I'd love to do this one of these years before I get too decrepit. You have such a personable style of narrating, I felt I was traveling along with you. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures.

  4. Kathi, I have just finished reading your interesting grave adventures, 11 days before we board QE on our 74 day trip!

    Looking forward to finally meeting you in person.

    Best wishes and happy travels

    Christine and David
    CC. Ceedee49