Sunday, May 11, 2014

London - May 10 & 11

Saturday, May 10

Carolyn and Gary went out for breakfast and I did not feel like a hike up and down the stairs (or breakfast either for that matter) so I stayed in the flat.

When they returned we decided to go to the British Museum since it was threatening rain.  A quick bus ride and we were there.  Started by visiting the Rosetta Stone and then the Elgin Marbles.  Then it was upstairs for a walk through all of the rooms.

I took the bus back to the flat and Carolyn and Gary went to look at Hamley's, the largest and oldest toy store in the world.

About 7:30 we headed to our nearest restaurant, Spaghetti House, for dinner.  It was very good.  I had seafood ravioli and Carolyn and Gary had spaghetti.

Stayed up until a little after 11:00.

Monumental Carillon Clock from 1589 (still works) at the British Museum

Sunday, May 11

Another day with a threat of rain and high temperatures only around 55F/13C.  We headed out about 10:00 and had a late breakfast at Patisserie Valerie which is only about a block away.  I had a tasty ham and cheese croissant.

Then it was off to Petticoat Lane.  The fastest way was to take the tube - the Central line runs between Marble Arch (our closest tube station) and Liverpool Street Station.  I have a phobia about down escalators (no doubt it has something to do with my fear of heights) and the one at Marble Arch is very steep and very fast.  I walked down the stairs and there were about 125 of them (I think maybe more).  It probably took me as long to get down the stairs as the tube ride took.  Likely it was my last tube ride.

We walked all over Petticoat Lane but only bought a few souvenirs.  Had something to drink at the McDonald's at the Liverpool Street Station.  Then on the 23 bus to Covent Garden.  Looked at all the arts and crafts (I did not buy anything).  As we were walking to Leicester Square we spotted Cafe Pacifico.  I had eaten there back in 1986 and 1987 and remembered it being good.  I hadn't had any Mexican food in ages so we decided to have an early dinner.  A huge amount of good food (the only thing I did not like was the refried beans).

Walked through Leicester Square over to Piccadilly Circus and caught the bus back to Marble Arch.  Stopped to pick up a newspaper and we were back "home" a little after 6.  We were all a bit tired so we read papers, surfed the internet, played computer games and moaned and groaned about body aches (well, that was mainly me).

Gary watched some football (soccer to the Americans) and to bed about 11.

Cafe Pacifico

Petticoat Lane

Street Performer

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