Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 112 - Naples, Italy

Friday, May 2

Awoke about 7:15 and watched us pull into port.  Watched the morning show while getting ready.  The weather is rather threatening looking and the high is only predicted to be 65F/18C.

Picked up my number for my excursion "Sorrento at Your Own Pace" and then talked with Joanne and Allison as I was waiting.  We did not actually dock and get cleared until after 8 and there were a few tours ahead of us.  The bus did not pull out until after 8:30.

We drove through Naples (which is no nicer looking than when I have been here before), passed Mount Vesuvius (which is overdue for an eruption) and took the twisty mountain roads to Sorrento.  We had one stop at a scenic overlook to take pictures.

When we arrived in Sorrento, our guide walked us to the center of town.  We had a coupon for a gelati or soft drink at a cafe in the main square and he pointed it out.  We were then routed into the obligatory store (which actually had some very nice items) to see the inlaid marquetry common in the area.  Most people drifted away before the demonstration.  

We had a little over two hours of free time.  The first thing I needed to do was find an ATM to get some Euros.  Silly me thought it would be like most places with a bank on every corner so I didn't even think to ask the guide where I could find one.  I wandered down the main street and a number of side ones and did not find a bank or an ATM.  I ended up going to an office that sold tours and exchanged money.  They wanted an ID which I did not have (I had to turn my passport back in yesterday) but they ended up accepting my ship card and taking my pertinent details.

It drizzled a little from time to time but no real downpour.

I then had time to wander, look in the stores, and purchase some things.  I went back to the store we had been taken to because I did not see anything as nice in the other stores for one of the main things I wanted (it is a gift so I won't say what "it" is).  I then had a really good pistachio gelati with my coupon.  It was then time to walk back to the bus but I would have enjoyed at least another hour.

The ride back to the ship took a little over an hour.  When we got to the terminal the entrance had three flights of steps to negotiate.  Our Cunard rep (who works in the Purser's Office) ran all over to find an elevator for those of us who are stair-challenged.  When we finally got into the terminal there were a number of nice shops.  I took a quick look around but did not find anything I needed except for an ATM.  I got another €100 since I will need them in Palma and Lisbon.

Went to the Lido for a late lunch and then downloaded my pictures before going to 4:15 trivia.  I only had 10 right (none of my teammates were present).

Back to my stateroom to get some cash and my coat.  Down to the Purser's Office to buy my Country Fayre (more about that tomorrow) dollars.  I only bought $10 because if you don't use it you cannot return it (but it does all go to charity).  Then to the Lido to get ready for sail-away.  We left just about on time and the Norwegian Jade followed us out of the harbor.
Thirteen correct on evening trivia.  Only four of us for dinner.  I was going to the show (a psychic) but I was afraid I would fall asleep.  I actually went to bed a few minutes before midnight.

The internet has not been working all afternoon and evening - you can't even get to the log on page so I will have to post this on Saturday.

Views of Naples

On the road between Naples and Sorrento

Views of Sorrento

Smooth sailing until next time!

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