Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 114 - Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Sunday, May 4

After my exceedingly early bedtime last night I woke up around seven as we were pulling into port.  My balcony is overlooking a German ship "Mein Schiff II" and the beautiful harbor.  We docked around 8:00 but I waited until nine to get off hoping I would not be fighting the excursion groups getting off.  There were some groups in the Queens Room still waiting to go but I was able to get right off.

The shuttle bus took us to an area right across from the Cathedral.  We were a little earlier than this city gets going (my kind of place) and the street vendors were just setting up.  I then noticed a Hop-On, Hop-Off bus and thought that would be a great way to see some of the city.  The bus only cost €17 and a complete loop took about 75 minutes.  I was glad I did this as I got to see much more than if I had just walked for awhile.

When we had made a complete loop I walked around the Cathedral area and purchased a few souvenirs.  There were a number of street performers out that I watched.  By then I was thirsty and hungry so I took the shuttle back at about one.  Picked up a Pepsi and then back to try to post yesterday's blog.  Once again I could not get into the Cunard system.

Ate in the Lido and then went to the World Voyage area and tried to get on the internet.  Took me close to fifty minutes to finally be able to log in (I think it is a conspiracy so I can't use the rest of my minutes!).

Talked with Keith (one of my dinner friends) about his walk all over Palma today.  It was then off for sail-away (#37).  There were an amazing number of people out there (I was one of the few at the last one) maybe because it was an early one (3:30).  Nexus was playing and a few people were actually dancing.

After we were out of the harbor it was time for my afternoon ice cream.  I surfed the net for awhile and read parts of two other world cruisers' blogs.  Then my CC friends Andrea and John came by and we talked for some time.

Tonight is a formal night and the last World Voyage Cocktail Party.  I have decided that I am not a cocktail party person.  I had a nice time however sitting and talking with two of my CC friends, John and Gloria.

Only Lynn, Hilda and me for dinner.  The show was another repeat so I just picked up my regular at the pub and made it an early night.  Usually on World Voyage Cocktail Party nights we get a gift but not tonight.😞

Once again it is not possible to even get to the log in screen so this post will be late.

I want to wish my sweet granddaughter, Kat, a very happy birthday on May 5.

Views of Palma

View from my balcony

very small electric rental cars

the final resting place of the earphones from the HOHO bus tours (it is the canopy over a bus stop)

Street Performers

the view as we sailed out of the harbour

Smooth sailing until next time!

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