Thursday, May 22, 2014

London - May 20

I was able to check in and get my seat for the flight home at 9:45.  After that we went to Patisserie Valerie for brunch.

Carolyn wanted to get a special kind of candy so we went to a little shop on St. Christopher's Place.  It opens onto Oxford Street in a little passage that you could totally miss if you were not looking for it.  No wonder it took me so many trips to finally find it!  There were all kinds of cute shops and cafés hidden behind H&M and the Gap.

We took the bus out to Notting Hill and walked around.  Bought a couple of things (including a massive meringue) and then decided to have a late lunch at one of the eateries on St. Christopher's Place.  We chose "Cafe Creperie".  I had a delicious bacon, cheese, sour cream and chives crepe.

Back to the flat to finish packing.  Went out about 8:30 to get the £5 deposit on our Oyster Cards     refunded.  Picked up sandwiches and crisps at Sainsbury's to go with our meringue.

lunch spot

masssive meringue (note the size compared to the Coke lid)

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