Friday, May 16, 2014

London - May 14 and 15

Wednesday, May 14

Woke up about 4:45 (it was already light out) and took close to an hour to get back to sleep.  Awoke again a little after 8:00.  We left before 10 to go to Windsor.  First a bus to Paddington Station and then the train.  We were able to get a group discount and the three of us got same day return tickets for a total of  £20.25.

To get to Windsor you have to change trains at Slough for the Windsor and Eton Central Station.  It is a small train (2-3 coaches) and Slough to Windsor takes under ten minutes.  Finally arrived around 11:30 and then looked for a good place to eat.   Ended up at "Latino" which featured Greek and Cypriot food.  I had the souvlaki and it was very good.

Carolyn and Gary went off to explore the Castle while I wandered down the pedestrian shopping street.  Looked in a few stores but no purchases (remember the overweight suitcase).  Then walked down the main street and had a Coke at McDonald's.  Finally I found a bench in the sun in the shopping arcade outside the station.  I read for awhile and people watched for some time (there were a number of groups of French school children).

We took the 4:30 train back and after making the connections we arrived back at the flat around 5:45.

After some discussion we decided to go to Piccadilly Circus and walk over to Leicester Square to find some place to eat.  We left about 9:00 and finally decided on "Muriel's Kitchen" for dinner.  Carolyn and Gary shared a pizza and I had a very good chicken Caesar salad.  On the way back we stopped at M&M World - four floors of anything and everything M&M.  We returned around 11:00. (I am working on making them night owls.)

Thursday, May 15

Left around ten for Gary and Carolyn to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.  I knew I could not do the walk and stand for over an hour so we went to Victoria Station and I sent them to the ceremony.  I stayed in the train station and read some of my book and people watched.

When they returned we decided to eat in "The Shakespeare" pub.  After a good lunch we set out for Westminster Abbey.  I was going to go in but when I saw the senior rate was £15 I decided not to (I have been in maybe six or seven times).  I sat in Parliament Square.  It is amazing to sit in one place and see (and hear) Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

After their visit we walked to Westminster Pier and toook a river cruise down to Greenwich and back.  I had seen a TV show about the old docks of London on the ship and it was interesting to see where some of them were located.

Returned back to the flat about 7 and contemplated what to do about dinner.  Finally, at about 9, we started walking and ended up at an Italian restaurant called "Prezzo" down the street from us.  I had really good spaghetti and meatballs and Carolyn and Gary had salads.  We got back around 10:45.

Scenes along the River Thames

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