Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 113 - At sea

Saturday, May 3

Caught up on my sleep and woke up at 9:40.  Tried to get yesterday's post up but could not get on the internet until around 10:20.  While waiting I watched the morning show and played some games on my computer.

Once I got logged in, uploaded my pictures and finished my post, I surfed the internet since I still have 950 minutes left and only six days to use it up!

Finally ventured out at 11:30.  Once again it is cool (65F/18C) and very windy so no sitting out on the open deck.  The Captain announced at noon that we had rounded the southern coast of Sardinia (second largest Mediterranean island) and were in for some rough seas (not as bad as the Atlantic crossing but the most movement in some time) until evening.  Evidently there was a depression around Sardinia causing this.

After lunch in the Lido I met up with Jim who used to eat at the same dinner table.  Yesterday was his birthday and he was telling me about what a great day he had in Sorrento and Capri.  Then it was down to deck two to watch the preparations for the Country Fayre.

The Country Fayre is only held on the World Voyages and is patterned after English fairs.  There were a number of different activities including a raffle, Second Hand Rose (New or gently used clothing, shoes, and handbags), guess the weight of the cake, name the bear, handwriting analysis, caricatures, watercolors for sale (done by art class participants), soak a crew member (very popular with other crew members), an auction and more.  Currency was "Country Fayre Dollars" purchased for US$1 each.  All proceeds went to three charities - a Cancer support organization in the UK, a home for the aged in Mumbai, and a charity in the Philippines.

The Captain opened the Fayre with a ribbon cutting ceremony and then there was a mad dash to the Second Hand Rose section.  I purchased a pretty silver evening bag for $3.  I also bought a few of the watercolors (now I need to find wall space for them at home) and raffle tickets - which I did not win.

Finished my book and went to the library for another and picked up an orange juice then back to the stateroom to prepare for the evening.  One of my CC friends, Andrea, had a birthday today and I was invited to her birthday party in the Commodore Club.

By this time the sea had gotten much rougher than it has been since the Atlantic crossing.  The seasick bags were out in easy-to-find places.  I decided to take a seasick pill just in case.

I managed to make it to the Commodore Club and did not break the big glass case that holds a model of Queen Victoria (the ship) that I fell into when the ship rolled to port.  The birthday party was very nice with champagne (the good stuff) and lots of canapés.  I was talking to an American lady who was also doing the World Voyage who was trying very hard not to get sick.

At 8:30 I zig-zagged my way down the corridor to the restaurant.  There were only four of us for dinner.  I don't know if the others were feeling bad from mal de mer or were dining elsewhere for another reason.  Our assistant waiter told us that they had been told to take all the plates and glasses off the table (they usually set up the tables for breakfast after we finish dinner) because of the rough seas.  We finished by 9:30 at which point I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I had forgotten I normally take the seasick pills right before I go to bed (and I usually don't have two glasses of champagne after taking the pills!).  Picked up my orange juice at the pub and went back to my stateroom.  Put my evening wear away and went to bed at 9:57.  I was too sleepy to even finish the blog entry for today.  I think I was fast asleep by 10:00 p.m.!

currency at the fayre

auctioning one of Joan's (on the right) knitted dolls

setting up the art work

books for sale (I donated two that I brought with me)

fresh smoothies

"Soak the Crew Member"

chocolate covered strawberries and other goodies

"Guess the weight of the cake" and "Name the Bear"

"Human Fruit Machine"

neck massages

Second Hand Rose

clothes (men and women), shoes, and accessories

carrots go in here...

...and come out here (the Captain tried but didn't do very well)

Smooth sailing until next time!

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