Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 118 - At sea

Thursday, May 8

Last full day onboard :( :(

Having gone to bed at 2, I did not get up until 10.  It was another cloudy, foggy, rainy day.  I watched the last "Rise and Shine with Amanda" then organized the clothes I needed for London and what was going into the last big suitcase.  I also decided I could cram a few more things into the suitcase I packed last night.

We can start putting bags out at 5pm so I am going to wait until then to pack the biggest case (it is already tricky walking around the stateroom with two packed bags in the way).

Last lunch in the Lido and then sat in the World Voyage section for the last time.

Went to Needlework/Knitting group around 2:00.  We eventually had about 18 present.  I will really miss the daily meetings.

Played trivia with Mike and Judy but we only had 11 1/2 correct (What does the A. A. mean in A. A. Milne?).

Talked to Linda and Richard about CC for awhile in the corridor and then packed the biggest suitcase.   Finally, I started the suitcase I will be using in London and my carry-on.  I am glad I did not wait until today to pack all four cases.

Early evening trivia gave me 11 out of 19 correct.

All seven of us were present for dinner and there were lots of hugs all around.  Came back and changed clothes so I could put out my last case before 11 (the deadline is midnight but they asked if all bags could be out by 11).

Went to the Variety Show which had a singing duo called Elite (two ladies who have been in a number of West End shows), a comic named Adrian Walsh, and the Royal Cunard Singers and Dancers.

Picked up my last OJ and then repacked my carry-on.  Looks like I will be carrying my handbag, a tote bag, my coat and my rolling carry-on.

I am going to have a few posts on London and I hope to be able to summarize the World Voyage experience in the next few weeks.

Many thanks to those who followed me on this wonderful voyage.

Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. Nooooo!!! That was too darn fast!!! I can't believe your voyage is over already. I hope you have a wonderful time in London with Carolyn and her husband...can't wait to see you and hear more stories when you return!

  2. I can't believe it's over either but we will be glad to have you home!
    Oh and what's this about a cruise next year?

  3. I cannot believe it is all over Kathi. It seems so long since I disembarked in Sydney and you have only just reached Southampton. Your blog was just brilliant. Be in touch again soon. Enjoy London.

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