Monday, May 19, 2014

London - May 18 and 19

Sunday, May 18

Left around 10:30 to have brunch at Patisserie Valerie.  Love their "Mango Tango" tea that comes from an Irish company called Suki.

We then went back to Covent Garden and Carolyn and Gary bought a couple of things.  We then took a bus to Parliament Square.  I sent the intrepid duo off to see the Churchill War Rooms.  I sat in the square and people watched.  There were a group of bicyclists with fold up bikes that were interesting to watch being unfolded.

A man took my picture and then sat down next to me and asked if I wanted a cigarette.  When I declined he wandered off and took pictures of other people.  Bizarre!

Back to the flat around 6:00.  Went back to the Spaghetti House for dinner around 9:00.

Monday, May 19

Left the flat at 9:00 for Paddington Station.  We took the 9:59 train to Oxford.  Rode the HoHo bus around the city and heard about some of the famous colleges that are part of the University.

The Ashmolean Museum is closed on Mondays so we decided to visit Christ Church College.  It was used for some filming in the Harry Potter series.  The Hall (where the students dine) was amazing.

We then looked for a place to eat and ended up at the Organic Deli Cafe.  We then walked back to the train station and took the 5:01 back to Paddington.  It was a very nice, new train and even air conditioned.

We decided to eat leftovers tonight.  We had parts of two pizzas and two sandwiches as well as the rest of our pastries.

Thanks to Gary for some of these pictures (my camera was on the wrong setting and I did not notice so my pics were not so great).

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