Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 115 - At sea

Monday, May 5

Since I had no internet last night I went to bed about midnight.  Woke up this morning at. 8:40 so I decided to try and get on - still not working.  After watching the morning show twice I got dressed and headed off to the internet centre.  There was a sign up that they could not connect to the satellite service.

Sat in the Garden Lounge for a bit but then decided it was too nice outside to stay in.  It was a little cool to swim, so I sat in the sun and read.  Stayed out until noon and then went in to hear the noon announcements (you can't always hear them to well on deck 9 aft and some people talk right through them).

Saw someone using a computer so I decided to try again.  Finally I was able to log in and post yesterday's blog entry.  Stayed on until about 12:45 when I decided to eat.  After lunch I moved to the World Voyage section of the Garden Lounge and went back online until I lost the connection.

Switched locations to Cafe Carinthia where we have Needlework/Knitting group.  Others began to show up and at about 2:35 we passed the Rock of Gibraltar.  I went up to deck three and snapped a few photos then back to knitting.

Played trivia with Mike and Judy but it was really tough.  We only had 11 correct.  My main contribution was the name of the diner on Happy Days.

It was such a beautiful afternoon I decided to sit on my balcony instead of having afternoon tea or an ice cream.  I could just see Queen Mary 2 behind us.  Tomorrow we will sail into Lisbon with the Queen Victoria going first, then us, then QM2.  We are supposed to be docked in a line with 40 meters between us (according to the Captain's announcements today).

Joanne, Allison, Keith, Mans, and I ate at the Lido alternative tonight.  It is a $10 extra charge but I had received a voucher for a free meal a couple of months ago.  They alternate menus and tonight's was "Jasmine" a blend of Asian cuisines.  It was good but not my favorite meal on the ship.

At 10:30 the crew talent show was performed.  There were many good performances and the end number was funny.

We turned the clocks back for the final time so I had time to stand on the balcony and watch QM2 which had come up parallel to us.  Once again I could not get on the internet.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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