Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 96 - At sea/Abu Dhabi

Wednesday, April 16

Awoke around 8:45 and, after watching the morning show, I headed for the Lido pool.  it was slightly overcast so it was not too hot.  I swam for awhile and then headed back to my stateroom.  Shirley was still working on my room so I took my knitting and sat on the balcony until she was done.

I had been invited to one of the 11:30 am cocktail parties.  I don't care much for the alcohol they serve and didn't feel like dressing up (even though it was classified as "informal" I would have had to have worn something fancier than my usual daywear) so I skipped it.

On the noon announcements the Captain said that the Noro conditions were improving but we were still in Code Red.

Kenneth Vard gave another lecture at 12:15 - this one on the original Cunard Queens (Mary and Elizabeth).  I sat in one of the boxes in the Royal Court Theatre.  Interesting view from there but I think I like being on the main floor better.  Afterwards, lunch in the Lido.

Signed up for an excursion in Dubai and then to Needlework/Knitting group.  Today was our last meeting with Janice (the social hostess) as she gets off in Dubai.  She will be missed.

Early afternoon trivia started out fairly easy but then went "British" with questions about "The Archers" and one of the "Carry On" movies.  I ended up with 11 out of 20.  The winning team had all twenty correct.

I returned to my stateroom to watch the sail in to Abu Dhabi.  Two tugs gave us a warm welcome, even with music!

Another 11 out of 20 at evening trivia.  There were only three of us at dinner (it was Beef Wellington and Baked Alaska night).  We were finished by 9:25 (when all ten of us are present we don't finish until 10:15 or later).  The show was another repeat so I picked up my orange juice and came back to sit on my balcony (no worry about pirates in port).

the Royal Court Theatre from the box I sat in - curved glass surrounds each box

view of Abu Dhabi as we sailed into port

one of the welcoming tugs

Smooth sailing until next time!

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