Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 103 - At sea

Wednesday, April 23

I awoke to a slight thump on my balcony like something had hit the glass.  Looked out and saw a little bird land on the railing.  I have only seen a few birds near the ship when we have been at sea and this is the first one I've seen on my balcony.  We are only a few miles from some small islands in the Red Sea but he seemed to need a bit of a rest because he stayed about five minutes before going over the divider to my neighbor's balcony.

It was quite overcast this morning so I decided to watch a port presentation after the morning show (no sun or pool today).  Then did a few things about my stateroom before heading out for the day.

After lunch in the Lido I sat in the World Voyage section of the Garden Lounge.  Talked with one of my CC friends for some time before heading down for Needlework/Knitting group.  It starts at three and I arrived about 2:20 and there were already about five present.  We had a total of 18.

At the end of Needlework/Knitting group one of our new members said she had seen me at trivia yesterday.  We talked about how hard yesterday's was.  She invited me to join her group today.  So we had a couple from Britain, an Australian couple, and me.  They were much more relaxed than the group I joined a couple of months ago where one woman was the trivia dictator.  We did quite well with 17 out of 20 (the winning team had 18).

After an ice cream I planned on sitting on the balcony looking for the dolphins the Captain said we might see but although still hazy, the sun was coming through and it was too hot.

Went to evening trivia and had 12 out of 21.

All eight of us were present for dinner.  I left as soon as we finished because there was a singalong in the pub for St. George's Day.  They were mostly pub songs I didn't know so I watched the dancing instead.

The show was "Hotel Royale" which I have seen four or five times but enjoyed it again.  I sat in an area of the theatre I hadn't before so I had a different perspective.  Picked up my orange juice and returned to watch the lecture on Deborah Kerr by George McGhee before bed.

the little bird on my balcony

Smooth sailing until next time!

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