Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Days 31 and 32

Sunday - Well, it is official - I have a sinus infection and feel crummy.  I slept for 12 hours last night.  After having lunch in the Lido I decided it was worth the money to see the doctor.  I have three excursions planned for the two days we are in Hawaii and don't want to be miserable.  The Medical Centre was well run and in about 45 minutes I left with a Z-pack for the infection (I have heard of people who have had good results with Z-packs for sinus infections)  The total cost was $118 which will be well worth it if I feel better.  (I'll also get to see if my travel insurance is any good!)

Since it was a formal night, I decided to not go to the dining room but try room service.

We set our clocks back another hour so I ended up going to bed at 6:19 pm.

Monday - Slept most of thirteen hours (did get up about midnight for the dessert I had ordered from room service) and then sat out on my balcony for about an hour.  I had no real plans for the day but when I watched the morning show I realized my friend Pat was speaking today.  She worked for British Airways for many years and co-founded "Dream Flight" which is a charity that takes 192 disabled and sick children to Orlando each year.  She made a great presentation then signed her book (all proceeds go to the charity).

Had fish and chips in the pub for lunch.  Ordered a half pint of Guinness but they brought me a pint.  Guinness is supposed to be good for all that ails you, so we'll see how it helps a sinus infection!

After Needlework/Knitting group I had a cup of hot tea to see if it would help open up my sinuses (didn't work).

Then I decided to try my luck on the penny slots.  I won $7.19!

After sitting on my balcony for about an hour I decided I would try going to dinner tonight.  I ordered off-menu (you can always get chicken or beef even if not on the menu) and the chicken was very tasty.  Had one of my two favorites (key lime pie) for dessert.

We gained another hour tonight so it is just about 10 pm and I am ready for bed.  Honolulu tomorrow.

The internet has been terrible the last couple of days.  I have not been able to get e-mail since San Francisco.

Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. I am enjoying your posts - I did a segment of 2012 WC on QE - and hope you feel better soon! (I don't think the aircon helps the sinus' at the best of times) Susan, London

  2. Kathi: So sorry you are not feeling well. Sinus problems are really the pits! Really enjoying your blog and thank you so very much for writing even when you are under the 'weather'. Hope you have better health real soon. best regards, seasidegal