Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Days 25 and 26 - At Sea

Monday - Awoke to cloudy skies and congestion so I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour.  The sky and my head had both cleared some when I finally got out of bed.  Did some reading and then had lunch at the Lido.  I tried to sit out on the aft of deck 9 but, with the wind, it was a little chilly.  Met my English friends while I was walking through the Lido and they invited me to meet them in the Queens Room for Afternoon Tea.

Joined the Needlework/Knitting group for about 45 minutes.  Three of us from the Cruise Critic roll call were there.  I then went to tea with Angela and Lee and we talked.  They told me about one of their visits to the US.  They were in a small town in the Midwest and one of the workers at the dollar store recognized their English accents and asked them if they had taken the train to the US!

I hadn't lost any money in the slot machines recently, so I took $20 and went to the casino.  I was down to $13 (on the penny slots) when I won 20 free spins and ended up with $22.91.  I took my winnings and quit.  (Obviously I am not a big gambler!!)

Tonight was a formal night.  It continues to amaze me how well-dressed almost everyone looks.  The show tonight was a repeat so I decided to go to the Yacht Club since I had not yet been.  The DJ played Abba tunes from 11-12 and the place was packed.  Saw a few people from the Cruise Critic roll call that I had not seen in a few days and was able to chat with them.

Tuesday - Another cloudy, cool day that encouraged me to roll over and get another hour of sleep.  Attended the last of Bill Miller's talks, this one being on the port of New York.  After his talk, he showed a BBC show on Art Deco (which is used in the decoration on Queen Elizabeth).

I considered going to the movie presentation, "Man of Steel", but decided I did not want to sit in a dark theatre for another 2+ hours.  Instead I read in the Garden Lounge for awhile and then went to the Needlework/Knitting group.  Many are getting off in San Francisco (only about four of the group will remain).

The show tonight was on before dinner since we have to be up at the crack of dawn to meet with US Customs (my time is 7:15!!!).  The show is another variety show, this time with Jennifer Fair, John Joseph, and Mark Donoghue.

At dinner I heard that we are due to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge at 5:30 am meaning I have to get up even earlier.  I may cheat and watch the sail in from my balcony.  For dinner I had the chicken curry again and went through my usual three glasses of water.  Our table went to the lobby to have our picture taken after dinner because three are leaving in San Francisco.

I am posting this in the Westfield Center near Union Square in San Francisco which has free wi'-fi!

Smooth sailing until next time!

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