Saturday, February 1, 2014

Days 21 and 22 - At Sea

Thursday - Awoke to another beautiful, hot, sunny day so headed straight to the pool.  Swam two times at the Pavilion Pool, sat in the sun for awhile and then had lunch by the Lido Pool.  I am amazed by the number of people who have a really good tan.

As I was getting close to running out of unmentionables, I decided I had to do a load of wash.  There was an empty washer so I could put my stuff right in but one of the dryers (different one from last time) is now broken.  Luckily my wash finished before the rush was on (at least eight people came in trying to do laundry as I waited for mine to dry).

When I went to dinner I left my key card in the slot in my stateroom.  A trip to the purser's office after dinner (had chicken curry - some were complaining it was not spicy enough but I needed three glasses of water!) got me a new key card.  Started feeling bad during dinner (like the start of a sinus infection) so took some sinus medicine and made it an early night (bed by 11:10).

Friday -  Felt fine when I got up this morning so I got ready for the lectures I wanted to attend.  The first was a continuation of the series Bill Miller is doing, this one called "Getting There Was Half the Fun" about the last days of the great transatlantic liners.  As usual, he was a great speaker with many photos and anecdotes about sailing on these ships.  The second was a Q&A session with Bill Bryson.  The Entertainment Director asked a number of questions and then had audience questions.  Once again Bill Bryson was amusing and engaging.

After a long lunch and a bit of time on the open deck (9), I decided to spend some time on my balcony.  Going north (we are off the coast of Mexico at present), I get the afternoon sun and some beautiful sunsets.  Today is slightly more cloudy and a little cooler (about 85F/29C).

Went to the "Needlework and Knitting" group for the first time.  There were 18 ladies present which, according to a comment by the Social Hostess, is more than normal.

Tonight was the Captain's reception for the full world cruisers in the Queens Room.  The Captain told us after San Francisco we will have about 500 World Cruisers and will pick up about 20 more in Australia that are transferring from Queen Victoria.   I spoke too soon about the gifts.  Tonight when I returned from dinner there was a nice tote bag with the World Voyage logo embroidered on it, a pin with the logo, and a map of our voyage.

The entertainment tonight was a singer, Jennifer Fair.  She has a good voice but the songs she sang were not my cup of tea.  (Speaking of tea, the ice tea on board is terrible.  I am experimenting with ways to make it better).

Notice the ice sculpture of the Panama Canal

Part of the table decoration 


Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. Hi Kathi,

    I've been following along on your voyage and it sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoying the posts!

    Leigh Ann Hollender

  2. Kathi, really enjoying your reports and photos. I find myself looking for them each day!