Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day 41 - At sea

February 20 - Up early this morning at 8:30.  I was sitting by the pool by 9.  Two of my dinner companions were surprised to see me out and about so early!

High today was about 90F/32C.  It was hot by the Lido Pool but I spent about an hour in the pool.  I swam 60 lengths (which is about 15 in my local pool).  About noon I had a burger and onion rings from the Lido Grill.  It was then back to my stateroom to work on my blog (the internet service was down for maintenance after the show last night).

Cunard was running a 20 items for $40 laundry special.  I didn't have but a few things that really needed washing but enough to give it a try.  It will save me one half-day devoted to the laundrette.

After Needlework/Knitting group, I decided on an ice cream instead of afternoon tea.

Formal night tonight and I have an in invitation to the Captain's cocktail party beforehand.  Our dinner table is having a wine tasting party at 7 pm.  I did not take my wine tonight (not good form to shake the Captain's hand while holding on to a carrier bag filled with wine that was not purchased on board 😏).

The Captain's party was a typical cocktail party.  I was getting ready to leave when I met up with two of my Cruise Critic friends.  Talked with them and some of the officers.  I never did see the Captain - the line to shake his hand was half the length of the ship and I already had a picture with the previous Captain.

We had Lobster Thermidor for dinner.  I tried it since it has been some time since I last had lobster.  In this case absence did not make the heart grow fonder - I still don't really care for lobster.

Early night tonight because we meet for our Tonga tour at 8:15 in the morning.

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