Friday, January 17, 2014

Webcam Alert

For those of you who are webcam addicts (as I am), the QE will be showing up on quite a few for the next week and a half.

New York City - January 18th

We have a delayed arrival (maybe 9 am) and scheduled to leave at 9 pm.

Fort Lauderdale - January 21

Should arrive around  7 am and sail at 9 pm.  I have requested a webcam wave if they are manning the camera.  We will be under the large "Queen Elizabeth" sign that is near the funnel.

Aruba - January 24

Arrival scheduled for 9 am and sailaway at 5 pm.

Panama Canal - January 27


  1. A heads up. Lou and Dave now have a new webcam across the Hudson from the cruise terminal which should give a great view of the first part of sailaway (Actually I'm just watching the Breakaway back away from the pier to make room for you). The site is

    Regrettably, Ill be at the Symphony tomorrow night and will miss your sailaway but I'll try to watch your arrival.


  2. Thank you, Kathi, for posting the webcams. Will be watching. Whitemarsh joins you tomorrow so that will add another plus to your great group. Enjoying your updates. Best wishes, seasidegal