Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 12 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

We sailed in just after 6 am (yes, I actually woke up to watch).  After docking I went back to bed and slept until 9.  Woke up to find that my iPad was almost dead because the plug was not completely in.  Decided to wait awhile so I went to the Lido for breakfast (Yes, my second breakfast of the cruise).  When I returned to my stateroom, the amount of power had decreased (just one of many computer issues I faced today)!  Finally I decided to just take it and make sure I found a seat where I could plug it in.

Cunard was running a free shuttle bus service to the Galleria Mall.  I was hoping I could find a place to buy some odds an ends and free wi-fi nearby but it was a standard mall so I took the shuttle back to the ship.  After a few minutes wait a taxi came and took me to a Winn-Dixie (grocery store chain) for my odds and ends.  It was then a short walk to a Panera with free wi-fi.  I spent almost three hours working on the computer.  I wanted to get the app "iResize" (thanks Bev!) in hopes it will make it possible to add photos regularly.  Turned out you had to be using iOS 7 (which I had been resisting - every time I "update" something, I have major issues with it).  So then I decided to upload pictures through photobucket and had trouble so then I tried flickr and had more issues.  I tried to post about 20 pictures and were only able to get up the stateroom pictures.  After a little reassurance from my daughter, I downloaded iOS7.  Then I went to download iResize and the computer completely froze - nothing worked, even trying to shut it down.  After about 10 minutes of major worry, something happened and it unfroze.  (I finally was able to download the app back on board in about 4 minutes).  Called for a taxi and was back on board by 5:45.

Had a nice visit with DreamflightPat from our Cruise Critic roll call who joined the cruise today.

Sailaway was set originally for 9 pm but was changed to 8:30.  One couple was missing but just made it (they actually had to put out a gangway because it had been removed).  I had asked for a webcam wave and one of my fellow sailaway addicts started a thread on Cruise Critic for watching.  I was e-mailed some screen shots and am looking forward to the video that PTZtv offers for sale.  Thanks to Lou and Dave (owners of PTZtv) for the coverage and Roy for the thread.  We had about 10 people show up for our wave and had glowsticks and flashlights/torches.  It was great fun to see a sailaway from the other side of the camera.  We had a good reception from the people in the condos and the captain rewarded them with a few good toots of the horn,

Our webcam wave group then decided to toast the success of our sailaway with a drink in the Commodore Club.  

Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. If you do run into Captain Wells, please relay our thanks for the wonderful tooting.


  2. Kathi....Was keeping up with the thread of CC and the webcams. I hope you get some good pictures or video from Lou and Dave. They mentioned you on their Facebook page yesterday (Tuesday)https://www.facebook.com/Port.Everglades.Webcam Thanks for sharing your send off with us. Best regards, seasidegal

  3. Love reading your blog. Please keep them coming! So glad you are having fun. Frances

  4. If you are still having difficulty disconnecting on your laptop or iPad, how about using the computer center? Instant disconnect in there though you can't upload photos.

  5. Glad to hear that iResize was of use. As I'm planning to do a world cruise as a solo passenger in a couple of years I'm following your blog with a great deal of interest.