Thursday, January 23, 2014

Days 13 and 14 - At Sea

Wednesday - When I awoke (about 9:30) it was cloudy and when I went out on the balcony I found it was warm and humid.  As I was standing outside I saw a movement and thought it strange to see little birds miles off the coast - then I watched them dive into the water and realized I had seen flying fish.

My TV has had poor reception from the start and I was longing for the days when you could put aluminum foil on the "rabbit ears" and improve the reception (you have to be of a certain age to remember that).  Finally I decided to check the cable connections to see if they were loose.  When I unscrewed both ends of the cable and put them back I had a beautiful, clear picture - no foil needed!

Our Cruise Critic group had its third meeting to welcome aboard our three members who embarked in Fort Lauderdale.

After lunch in the lido I spent some time out by the Lido Pool because the weather had cleared up and was a sunny, gorgeous day.  You could just make out the coast of Cuba off the starboard side.

Since I updated my iPad to iOS7 yesterday and was lost with the differences, I signed up for the first of four iPad classes.  This was on the very basics but I learned a few things I did not know and can now close apps when I finish with them.  I decided to sign up for the last three in the series which will be held over the next week.

Tonight was a formal night and the Black and White Ball.  I only saw a few people not wearing black and/or white and there were some amazing outfits!

Thursday - One of the lecturers today was Bill Bryson who is my favorite non-fiction author.  He spoke to a full house and then had a book signing.  I purchased At Home one of the few of his books I have not read.

Lunch was fish and chips at the Golden Lion Pub.

My second iPad lesson was today and I learned quite a bit about the new operating system.

Tonight was the Captain's Welcome Reception (as well as Captain Wells' birthday) and was another formal night.  Once again almost everyone I saw was beautifully dresses.  I had my picture taken with the captain before going to dinner.  I made it an early night since we are in Aruba tomorrow.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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