Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 19 - At Sea

Awoke about 8:30 but stayed in bed watching the sea go by.  At about 9 I decided to go and sit on the balcony.  The Pacific was living up to its name today - very calm.   I noticed some movement below and saw some small dolphins.  (Later in my iPad class, the tech guy said they like the vibrations from the engines and often come up close to the ships.)

I attended two lectures today.  The first was by Bill Miller (who was once a middle school Social Studies teacher!) about "Maritime Royalty" - the Cunard "Queens" history.  The second was by Bill Bryson, entitled "An Even Shorter History of Nearly Everything" based on his book A Short History of Nearly Everything.  Unfortunately, this was the only book of his that I have never been able to get through and therefore, was not my favorite of his talks.

Lunch again in the Lido and then I walked around.  I had not seen the upper floor (Deck 3 of the Britannia Restaurant so I went in there and took a few pictures.  Then I looked at all the pictures in the Photo Gallery.  I ended up buying the picture with the Captain.  Since my handy key card was all primed, I took a look at the World Cruise merchandise which was on sale (personally, I think Cunard should give us some of these items like Holland America does on their World Voyage).  I ended up purchasing a fridge magnet and an insulated mug (to fill with lemonade when I sit out on deck).

I did receive two vouchers (not sure if they were from Cunard or not).   One was for a free meal in the Lido Alternative (which carries a $10 "cover charge").  The other was for the "Enhanced Afternoon Tea".  I'll let you know what these are like.

Today was the last of my iPad lessons.  This one was on photos and videos.  Learned a few more good tips.

After the class I had an ice cream instead of afternoon tea and then came back and sat on my balcony watching the sunset.

Dinner was a tasty steak and then the show was a variety show with The Royal Cunard Dancers (danced to 007 theme songs), David Kaplan (billed as a "One Man Variety Show") and Lance Ringnald (a gymnast who also juggles, sings and plays the piano).  The show was ok.

Smooth sailing until next time!

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