Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 15 - Aruba

Up early (7:15) to get ready for our island tour.   Maggiemou (from our Cruise Critic roll call) had arranged a three hour tour with Bully Tours.  We were among the first ones off after we docked and Bully was waiting for us as we came out of the terminal.  One of the nice things about an independent tour (versus one sponsored by the cruise line) is that often they will tailor the tour to what you want.  We asked to see the major sites.

Bully has a very nice van and by law can only carry five passengers.  We were able to get out, take our pictures, walk around and get back in the van before everyone was off the large coaches (we were in port with HALs Noordam).  Bully also gave us a good commentary about the history of and life on the island.  Did you know that students in Aruba must study four languages in school - (Spanish, English, Dutch, and the island language - which has some elements of the other three?  He took us (and treated us) at the best bakery, Bright.  He stopped at scenic places for us to take pictures and took a number of pictures for us.  He is a great guy and I highly recommend him to anybody who wants a personalized tour of the island of Aruba.

I had a walk around the shops (every high end name you can think of seems to have a shop here) and stalls but did not spend much and came back to the ship for a very late lunch.

Tonight is a "Casual Night" which is something Cunard does not have frequently.  This is described as no jacket, open neck, collared shirts for men and tropical dress for women.

It was a beautiful sunny day in Aruba with a high in the 80s.

Eureka!  Thanks to iResize and Google photos, I can now add pictures quickly and easily!

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  1. Aruba looks lovely, but you're in Costa Rica right now (I have been following on the web link!!) and that's one of my favorite places...I hope you're having a wonderful time!!!!!!!!