Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stuff and More Stuff (with apologies to Peggy)!

My friend Peggy really dislikes the word "stuff" but there is really no other way to describe the piles that are accumulating around my house.  There seems to be no end of items that I don't think I can live without for four and a half months.  On a land trip it is usually very easy to get to a store and pick up anything you might have forgotten (or didn't realize you needed).  On a ship - not so easy.  For the last two years I have been building a list of stuff that I think I should take.  I will be the first to admit that some will likely never be used and after this trip I will know better what I really need and what I don't.  So, what is included in my "stuff"?  Here is some of it....

  • cameras and battery chargers
  • binoculars
  • iPhone
  • iPad with iPad/iPhone world travel adapter kit
  • MP3 player
  • extension cord
  • Belkin mini surge protector with USB chargers
  • portable rechargers
  • handheld scanner
  • travel steamer (Cunard allows them)
  • rollable compression bags and ziplock bags in different sizes
  • inflatable hangars
  • hanging clothespins
  • large clips (holds towel on chairs, etc,)
  • magnetic frames with family pictures
  • eyeglass repair kit
  • sewing kit and latch tool
  • lingerie wash bag
  • mini flashlights
  • over door hangar
  • hanging shoe organizer
  • Carbona grease remover
  • Goo Gone
  • large tote (for dirty clothes to take to laundrette)
  • small tote (for pool)
  • small tote that rolls up for handbag (to hold all the stuff I'll buy!)
  • Tervis tumbler with lid
  • various shoe pads, cushions, etc.
  • cooling towels and hand fan
  • First Aid Kit inlucing OTC medicines for almost every possible ailment
  • if space, plastic skirt hangars (that won't come home)
I am sure I will find a few more "must take" things before I leave.

I plan on being packed by January 6th so I will have more about the packing experience by then.

Smooth sailing until next time!


  1. Really mom? A scrunchy and yarn as a must have to pack? LOL!!!! Do you plan to knit while throwing your long hair back in a scrunchy?? Heehee! Teasing! :) I can't wait to read you blog of your trip. I love it so far. We love you and will miss you!!!!

  2. Kathy,
    I am so excited for you and your journey, I am looking forward to the post on your blog!

    Troy Traylor